Pioneering Therapeutic Communication and Entrepreneurship in Nursing

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Dr. Jodi Christian Indra Visnu, MPH
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Banjarmasin, Indonesia – On March 4th, 2024, Dr Jodi Visnu, esteemed in the field of health sciences, delivered an insightful guest lecture on Therapeutic Communication at the prominent STIKes Suaka Insan in Banjarmasin City. This seminar, aimed at health science students, underscored the critical nature of building robust confidential communication channels. As future health professionals, the students were educated on the importance of trust-based, process-oriented interaction with patients, rather than focusing solely on outcomes.

STIKes Suaka Insan, founded in 1972, has long upheld the tradition of integrating character-building into its curriculum, emphasizing the value of soft skills in nurturing competitive graduates both within and beyond Indonesia’s borders. Dr Visnu’s engagement with the students served to strengthen this long-standing educational framework.

In a continuous pursuit of excellence, Dr Jodi Visnu extended his expertise by delivering another presentation on March 5th, 2024, at the Suaka Insan Hospital. His speech, centered on Entrepreneurship in Nursing, was timely and resonant, corresponding with the inauguration of the committee of the Indonesian National Nurses Association at the hospital. Amidst the momentous occasion, Dr Visnu’s address became a beacon of inspiration, encouraging nurses, especially those nearing retirement, to maintain a spirited approach to their careers and lives, embracing the philosophy that “age is just a number.”

Suaka Insan Hospital has been a cornerstone of healthcare since its inception in 1970. Both the educational institute and the hospital operate under the aegis of the Suaka Insan Foundation and are the result of the mission and ministry of the Sisters of Saint Paul of Chartres. Through these events, and the longstanding commitment of Suaka Insan’s establishments to excellence, Dr Jodi Visnu contributes to shaping a future where health workers are not only skilled in their craft but are also compassionate communicators and innovative entrepreneurs.


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